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Integrative Medicine

I have discovered that the best medicine is the one that listens and dedicates time. Because it is the connection and getting to know each other that perhaps creates that opportunity to guide and achieve changes that last. Theintegrative medicineIt is that focus of contemplating the human being as a dynamic being with the ability to heal by himself. Where lifestyles that include emotions and nutrition are the solid foundation from which it is built.

Te invito a una transformación de tus hábitos, tus emociones, tu vida

Mis consultas están creadas para que luego de 4 o 5 sesiones individuales puedas apreciar y sentir los beneficios  en tu vida y así continuar tu camino desde un lugar mas amable y sano

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heal your body,
heal you

I am Valentina, integrative doctor and nutritional coach


Schedule your appointment

  • Sesión personalizada donde indagaremos en tu historia de vida, tus háb...

    1 hr 30 min

    200.000 pesos colombianos
  • Paga 3 consultas y llévate un descuento ❤

    1 hr

    490.000 pesos colombianos

Monica Ossa (Mom)

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Mariana Dominguez

¨My experience with Valentina has been very positive, she has very close attention and a great human quality. I felt very comfortable in my appointments and by applying the nutritional and supplement recommendations to my day to day, I felt a change in my body; Also, by incorporating rituals into my exercise routines and meditation with music, it helped me do something that I used to procrastinate a lot¨


Manuela Bernal Marin

¨The sessions with Vale have been of great support and guidance at times when I have needed to address various aspects of my life, especially due to the physical and emotional changes I have experienced¨

Nourish Your Body & Soul

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Contact me

Calle 2a #24a-205 Barrio Miraflores, Cali, Colombia  |  Tel: +573112364288

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